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London's ULEZ: Where Next for Curbing Emissions?

Deborah Mabbett


Matt Brown

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If opposition to ULEZ really did tip the Uxbridge by-election result, we should be surprised. Most voters drive compliant vehicles and might benefit from cleaner air. But the adversely-affected minority had loud voices, and opposition was mobilised against the very principle of road pricing, with substantial input from home counties Conservatives outside Greater London. It didn't help that the scientific case for ULEZ is not straightforward, although it certainly exists. Especially when a lot of people are giving ‘don't know’ responses to pollsters, public opinion may be swayed by noisy dissent.

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  • Deborah Mabbett

    Deborah Mabbett

    Deborah Mabbett is Co-Editor of the Political Quarterly journal. She is also Professor of Public Policy at Birkbeck, University of London.

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