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  • Law & justice

    A catalogue of crimes committed by serving officers, missed opportunities for reform and a scathing review of the internal culture of the police culminating in the recommendation for a ‘complete overhaul’, might initially leave some with the view that there is little hope. But against the backdrop of what seems like a perpetual cycle of crisis for policing, academic experts, senior police—both current and former—and commentators offers a diverse set of ideas for changing policing for the better.

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  • Political Economy

    The EU referendum was won on the promise of ‘taking back control’, yet, since Brexit, immigration has increased to record levels and the nationalities of people coming to the UK have become more diverse. Although some aspects of immigration policy have evolved in a liberal direction, others have become increasingly restrictive. The Conservative government has pursued a draconian agenda on asylum, borders and irregular migration. This collection explores how recent immigration and asylum policies reflect the ambivalent, unstable and unresolved meanings of Brexit itself.

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  • Society & Culture

    A well-informed citizenry is vital for democracy. The BBC, which is the cornerstone of the UK’s unique public service broadcasting system, provides an essential service, both domestically and internationally. It pursues the truth and reflects our multi-faceted nation without regard for profit or ideology – yet it has been relentlessly attacked. The authors in this collection include a broad range of academic experts and senior industry figures. They examine the wider challenges to public service media, both globally and across the UK, and explore a new vision for the BBC’s future; how it could develop and innovate to meet the challenges of the anarchic information world we face.

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  • The departure of Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland's first minister earlier this year marks the end of a long and intense phase of constitutional drama. The authors in this collection reflect on what has changed in Scottish politics over the last decade and examine the dilemmas that the upheavals of these years now pose for both sides of Scotland's constitutional debate.

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  • What is the future of British political history? At a time when public history is increasingly politicised, and when politics is retreating in university history departments, this collection explores the challenges and opportunities facing historians of British politics. Connecting traditional political histories with histories of race, empire, the vernacular and the environment, our authors offer 16 articles proposing new directions for British political history.

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  • Government & Parliament

    To coincide with the publication of a collection on 'The Future of Irish-UK Relations', we bring you nine articles from the archive on Irish-UK relations in the past, from the tensions marking the outbreak of war in 1939 to the Anglo-Irish and Good Friday Agreements.

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