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Volume 94, Issue 3

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Volume 94, Issue 3

Includes a commentary by Colin Crouch on the dark heart of today's Conservative party, an article by Stewart Lansley tracing the history of ‘crowding out’, and its use as a justification for austerity and state deflation; and Tim Vlandas and Kate Alexander-Shaw debating the political economy of age. In our reports and surveys section, Deborah Mabbett asks where next for curbing London's emissions? The issue also includes a selection of book reviews such as Andrew Gamble on The Culture of Accountability: A Democratic Virtue by Gianfranco Pasquino and Riccardo Pelizzo, and Leila Simona Talani on Europe's Coming of Age by Loukas Tsoukalis.

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Podcast available: 'After Neoliberalism: Economic Policy and Politics in the Polycrisis'

The podcast is now available for our 2023 annual lecture, 'After Neoliberalism: Economic Policy and Politics in the Polycrisis' given by Michael Jacobs.

If Neoliberalism is dead, what should replace it? For more than a decade, western societies have struggled to respond to declining prosperity, accelerating climate change and rising inequalities. A 'paradigm shift' in economic theory and public policy seems overdue. But if neoliberalism is dead, what should replace it? Jacobs explores the theoretical roots of the 'polycrisis' and how governments should approach policy making in a world of plural goals and multiple time horizons.

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