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Our full-length journal articles are published by Wiley. Access icons for each title will indicate if the content is available to you.

Some articles are published as ‘Open Access or ‘Free Access’. You do not have to be a subscriber to read these articles. Just click on the links to read html or pdf versions.

Some articles are ‘Free to Read’. For these, access is time-limited. You can only read the article online; you can’t download a pdf.

Articles requiring a subscription

Some articles require a subscription. If you are on campus you may find that you can simply click on the article title link. If you are not, you will be prompted to enter login details (see the picture below).

Many readers have access through their university library – go to your library’s home page and look for ‘e-journal access’; enter the title ‘Political Quarterly’ and follow the instructions.

If you usually access research through your institution’s on-campus network, there are several ways you may be able to access it off campus:


If your library is a member and has enabled direct access, you can use your institutional login to access content directly without needing to connect to your campus network.

If you get to a payment page, go to ‘Access through your institution’ and search for the name of your university.

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You will then be able to log in with your institutional credentials and access any content you would normally be able to access on campus. If you get stuck, a video demonstration for users is available.

Campus network access via VPN or Proxy Server

If your institution provides access to their campus network through a VPN or Proxy Server (e.g. EZProxy), connecting to the VPN or Proxy Server will allow you to access your institution’s licensed content on Wiley Online Library. Check with your librarian to see if this is an option for you. You can also ask about Extended IP Range access.

Wiley Online Library account

If you’ve registered on Wiley Online Library and have logged in while connected to your campus network, your Wiley profile will automatically affiliate with your institution, and you will be able to access your institution’s licensed content by logging in to Wiley Online Library for 60 days. Your affiliation will renew for another 60-day period each time you log in to your Wiley account while connected to your campus network.

Society member access

If you’re a member of a scholarly society, you may be able to access the society’s publications through your member login. Visit the society website for more information on member access.

No institutional access? Try subscribing individually

If you don’t have institutional access, you can become an online subscriber to the Political Quarterly for just £11 a year – less than the cost of buying a single article!

Volume 94, Issue 4

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Volume 94, Issue 4

Includes a collection on women and the politics of incivility and discrimination, guest edited by Agnès Alexandre-Collier and Michael Drolet. Other highlights include 'Cricket, Englishness and Racial Thinking' by Michael Collins, and David Judge's assessment of Boris Johnson lying in the House of Commons. Book reviews include Mary Dejevsky's review of Timothy Frye's Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia.

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