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Volume 94, Issue 4

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Volume 94, Issue 4

Includes a collection on Scottish Politics After Sturgeon, edited by Ben Jackson and Anna Killick. This features articles such as 'Independence is not Going Away: The Importance of Education and Birth Cohorts' by Lindsay Paterson; 'Diary of an SNP First Minister: A Chronopolitics of Proximity and Priorities' by Hannah Graham; and 'Politics, the Constitution and the Independence Movement in Scotland since Devolution' by Malcolm Petrie. There are a wide range of other articles including 'Unlocking the Pensions Debate: The Origins and Future of the ‘Triple Lock’ by Jonathan Portes and 'The Politics of England: National Identities and Political Englishness' by John Denham and Lawrence Mckay. Finally, there is a selection of book reviews such as Branko Milanovic's review of Equality: The History of an Elusive Idea by Darrin M. McMahon, and Alexandre Leskanich's review of Cannibal Capitalism by Nancy Fraser.

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The Political Quarterly is primarily a journal, although we also publish a blog, organise a selection of events each year, and sponsor the prestigious Orwell Prize for political writing. Our journal is broadly centre-left in outlook, but we publish a wide range of authors and viewpoints. The journal aims to provide access to current academic debates and draw on critical intellectual arguments in plain English. To browse every issue, visit our publisher Wiley's website.

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Our Editors

  • Deborah Mabbett

    Deborah Mabbett

    Deborah Mabbett is Co-Editor of the Political Quarterly journal. She is also Professor of Public Policy at Birkbeck, University of London.

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  • Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson is Co-Editor of the Political Quarterly journal. He is also Professor of Modern History at Oxford University.

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  • Anna Killick

    Anna Killick

    Anna Killick is Collections Editor at the Political Quarterly. She is also a Research Fellow working on perceptions of the economy at University College London.

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‘I conceived of the idea in 1927 of a serious political review in which political ideas could be discussed at adequate length, and shortly afterwards found that Kingsley Martin had arrived at a similar idea’. So wrote William Robson in 1971, reflecting on the beginnings of The Political Quarterly.

From our early days under Leonard Woolf, William Robson and Kingsley Martin to the enormous changes faced by academic journals in the digital era, we've compiled a new history of our journal.

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