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The Dark Heart of Today's Conservative Party

Colin Crouch


UK Prime Minister

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Many Conservatives deny the importance of climate change—or at least sabotage most measures seriously to confront it—while committing themselves to abolishing inheritance taxes, so that they can maintain their estates intact for the future. A future that they are content to see rendered uninhabitable. What is the point of ensuring the wealth of heirs while not caring about the state of the world in which they will have to live? Climate change is not something from which gated communities or even luxury yachts will protect. But, Conservatives’ position is not contradictory, just paradoxical.

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    Colin Crouch

    Colin Crouch is a past editor, and past chair of the board, of The Political Quarterly. His most recent book is: Post-Democracy after the Crises (Polity Press, 2020).

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