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Review: Tocqueville's Dilemmas, and Ours. Sovereignty, Nationalism, Globalization, by Ewa Atanassow

Edmund Fawcett



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Can close study of liberal thinkers from the past help us grasp liberal democracy's present travails? Ewa Atanassow, an expert on the nineteenth century French liberal, Alexis de Tocqueville, believes so. In Tocqueville's Dilemmas, and Ours, she takes him as guide to enduring tensions between liberalism and democracy or, to talk Tocquevillese, between liberty and equality.

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  • Edmund Fawcett

    Edmund Fawcett

    Edmund Fawcett is author of Liberalism: The Life of an Idea (2nd 2018) and Conservatism: The Fight for a Tradition (2020).

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