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Building a More United Kingdom: a Conservative Case for Constitutional Reform

David Lidington

tory constituion

UK government

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The United Kingdom faces twin constitutional crises. The existence of the Union itself is now under stronger challenge than ever before, and many of the conventions and understandings which have underpinned the constitutional stability of the United Kingdom and the relationships between executive, Parliament and judiciary have been eroded or overthrown.

There is no single, easy way to put things right. What is needed are reforms to the working of Parliament, the Civil Service and devolution, to restore greater balance and stability to our constitution. These should include measures to strengthen the ability of Parliament to hold the executive to account and a new Civil Service Act to provide for the independence, governance and accountability of the Civil Service. To overcome the strains that now threaten the unity of the UK we need a cultural shift in UK politics in favour of partnership and mutual respect, underpinned by changes to the way we do business in both government and Parliament and by greater devolution of power within England.

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    David Lidington

    David Lidington has served as Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Chancellor and Minister for the Cabinet Office, in which capacity he was deputy to the Prime Minister and responsible for constitutional affairs and devolution.

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