Past issue

Volume 93, Issue 3

July-September 2022

Includes a collection titled 'Some Forms of Racism and Anti-Racism in Asia and the Middle East: Beyond Euro-Americancentricity' guest edited by Tariq Modood and Thomas Sealyon. Other highlights include 'What we Talk About When we Talk About the Labour Party' by Ben Jackson, 'How Seriously Should we Take Universal Basic Income?' by Simon Szreter, and Sadiya Akram's article on Cressida Dick, institutional racism and the Metropolitan Police. Book reviews include Donald Sassoon's analysis of The Starmer Project by Oliver Eagleton.

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Careful What you Wish for? Risk and Reward with Scottish Tax Devolution

Graeme Roy, James Mitchell and Stuart Mcintyre

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Populism, Conservatism and the Politics of Parole in England and Wales

Harry Annison and Thomas Guiney

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Beyond Euro-Americancentric Forms of Racism and Anti-racism

Tariq Modood and Thomas Sealy

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Indian Islamophobia as Racism

Sonia Sikka

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Caste Out: Christian Dalits in Pakistan

Sara Singha

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Anti-Palestinian Racism and Racial Gaslighting

Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Abigail B. Bakan

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Funding Anti-Gender Politics in Europe

Joni Lovenduski

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Starmer's Sorry Sad Saga

Donald Sassoon