Past issue

Volume 93, Issue 1

January-March 2022

Includes a collection on women and the politics of incivility and discrimination, guest edited by Agnès Alexandre-Collier and Michael Drolet. Other highlights include 'Cricket, Englishness and Racial Thinking' by Michael Collins, and David Judge's assessment of Boris Johnson lying in the House of Commons. Book reviews include Mary Dejevsky's review of Timothy Frye's Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia.

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Liberty After Neoliberalism

Ben Jackson

Women and the Politics of Incivility and Discrimination

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Women and the Politics of Incivility and Discrimination: Introduction

Agnès Alexandre-Collier and Michael Drolet

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The Gendered Harassment of Parliamentary Candidates in the UK

Rosie Campbell, Sofía Collignon and Wolfgang Rüdig

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Mute Force and Ignorance: Incivility and Gender in Scotland

Michael Higgins and Angela Smith

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Misogyny in the Criminal Justice System

Harriet Wistrich


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Cricket, Englishness and Racial Thinking

Michael Collins

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Class Composition, Labour's Strategy and the Politics of Work

Frederick Harry Pitts, Paul Thompson, Jo Ingold and Jon Cruddas

Reports and Surveys

Book reviews

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Putin not as strong as we think he is

Mary Dejevsky

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Negotiating le Brexit avec les English

Andrew Glencross

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What are Jews for?

Gabriel Josipovici

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The complicated business of social movements

Ilaria Favretto

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Living (and dying) in America

Gianfranco Pasquino

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Britain alone? Or, soon, England alone?

John Gittings

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Western ‘values’ in ‘postcolonial’ Africa

Victoria Brittain