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Business and Politics: A Relationship under Challenge. Introduction

Wyn Grant


Boris Stefanik

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This collection of articles demonstrates the variety of ways in which business interacts with politics. This can only be understood if we recognise the heterogeneity of business. Indeed, capital vs capital conflicts are often now more important than those with traditional foes. Reputation is an important driver of business responses to political challenges, not least in relation to climate change. Government remains reliant on information and consent from business, but can face business down on particular issues.

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Volume 93, Issue 2

Latest Journal Issue

Volume 93, Issue 2

Includes a collection of articles on the challenging relationship between business and politics, edited by Wyn Grant. Other highlights include Michael Jacob's reflections on COP26 and Erica Consterdines' assessment of private and public interests in Conservative immigration policy. Book reviews include Archie Brown's review of Collapse: The Fall of the Soviet Union by Vladislav M. Zubok, and Andrew Gamble's review of Always Red by Len McCluskey.

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