Theme: Political Economy

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Hedging Bets; British Business Lobbying in the European Union post-Brexit

David Coen and Alexander Katsaitis


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In Brexit's aftermath, appreciating how UK business will interact with Brussels is vital to understanding the mechanics of future economic and trade relations. Drawing from work on corporate political activity, the article outlines changes that UK business lobbying faces in Brussels post-Brexit, focussing on three key aspects: (i) changes at the institutional-systemic level; (ii) variance across policy fields; (iii) engagement with other organisations. The article discusses potential strategic responses for UK business and argues that lobbying for UK private interests will become a costlier and more complicated enterprise. While policy making access via political doors will become harder, demand for reliable technical expertise allows UK business to maintain its presence and influence in regulatory policy areas. Targeted lobbying and diversified mobilisation offer the safest way forward for UK business lobbying in Brussels.

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